Friday, 9 March 2012

Cath Kidston SS12 Collection

I had a look through Cath Kidston's SS12 collection this morning online...and here are a few pieces on my wish list:

1) Hampton Rose Ballet Pumps £18- I love these cute little pumps! These will be gorgeous for the Summer with a play suit or dress and usually I would spend £20+ on shoes like these so at £18 pounds these pumps are a bargain!

2) Oil Rose Make-up Case £10- My last make-up case from Cath Kidston was probably bought in 2010, so I really need to update it (plus it has gotten so grubby inside!). I prefer the cloth cases to the shiny ones, I think the patterns look prettier on that material.

3) Pinny Flowers Folded Zip Wallet £26- Again, I am long overdue on updating my Cath Kidston purse! My boyfriend's younger sister is going to be in for a treat when I update my collection! I love this design because its simple, there isn't too much going on and it has quite a neutral background colour that would go with many other shades. Plus the zip wallets are great if you have a lot of cards because they hold about 10 pockets for them, along with a section for coins and notes.

I think I may have to wait until my next student loan comes in before I think about buying any of these things but a girl can dream for a little bit!

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