Monday, 12 March 2012

St Moriz

This really is tannings best kept secret!

St Moriz is a self-tanning foam that gives you a deep golden tan from the first application.

I apply all over with a tanning mit, making sure that I blend it in well. The foam is brown in colour which is handy to be able to see which areas have been covered. I recommend using this foam just before bed, as it can make your skin appear a 'dirty' shade just after application, and if you suffer from dry skin like me this is quite noticeable. Once you have showered in the morning, you are left with a gorgeous glow.
For a deeper tan, use again after two days.

It is the only tanning product that I have ever used where people have commented on my colour the day after use.

And the best bit? St Moriz is only £2.99!!! Available now at Tesco's and Bodycare stores.

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